Wheel Dollies


Wheel Dollies

The CP wheel dollies are sturdy and handy assembly aid for trucks, buses and tractors.

With wheels in the center to protect the tyres. Saves backs when removing and replacing heavy wheels and tires.

Rollers on each leg allow wheel to be rotated for stud alignment as wheel slides onto hub. Tire/wheel is rotated left or right in tiltable roller pads for perfect stud alignment. Perfect for 8-10 holes budd type wheels.

  • Pull and replace tyres up to 150 kg. Easily.
  • Heavy duty high – tensile strength tubular steel.
  • Rollers rotate for perfect alignments with studs.
Wheel Dollies
  • Capacity :-

    550 lb/250 kg
    / 2640 lb/1200 kg

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