Balloon Jacks


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Balloon Jacks

Choose the CP882xx Series balloon jacks for your garage and auto body shop. A range of high quality, high lifting capacity balloon jacks by Chicago Pneumatic.

Featuring 2 tons lifting capacity, the CP882xx balloon jacks are available with short or long handle and with 2 or 3 balloons depending on your lifting needs. Low profile and lightweight, the new CP882xx balloon jacks series delivers high lifting capacity from 115 mm up to 560 mm of height.

The CP882xx balloon jacks include several safety and ergonomic features such as On/Off ergonomic lever, 3 position adjustable handle and durable composite wheels for the 2 trolley models, as well as a 360° air inlet swivel for super easy maneuver.

Robust high resistant diaphragm for top durability, internal telescopic guide and overload safety valve for easy operation, the CP882xx balloon jack series is definitely one of the best range of balloon jacks on the market today.

  • High Lifting Capacity

  • Safety

  • Lightweight

  • Low Profile

Balloon Jacks
  • Capacity :-

    2.2 short ton(s) / 2 ton(s)

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