Air-Hydraulic Jacks


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Air-Hydraulic Jacks

Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new series of air hydraulic jacks, extending its workshop equipment range for professional vehicle maintenance customers. The CP85XXX range of high quality, high lifting capacity air hydraulic jacks are perfect for tire changing and general mechanic applications on heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks and agricultural vehicles.

The CP hydraulic jacks are telescopic jacks, ideal for servicing trucks, buses and heavy machinery. They’re equipped with automatic stop valve for high operators safety. The large wheels, the handle on the cylinder and the 3 handle positions allow easier maneuvering.

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For use when lifting heavy vehicles such as lorries etc. This industrial air jack has a robust steel chassis, 'T' bar handle with integral air control valve and two extensions for increased lifting height.

Core Features
  • High Durability

  • Low Profile

  • Convenient

  • Safety

Air-Hydraulic Jacks
  • Capacity :-

    33.1 short ton(s)/30 / 15 ton(s)
    / 110.2 short ton(s)/ 100/60/33 ton(s)

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